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As of September 1, 2014, the NOAAWatch website will be discontinued. Active weather alerts will continue to be available 24/7 at Hurricane tracking widgets will continue to be available at and Learn about ways to get updates through social media at For information about how to reach other NOAA data and information, please email A temporary redirect of website traffic to NOAA’s homepage will exist for a short period of time after the shut-down of

UPDATE:  The NWS has replicated the NOAAWatch Briefing Page which can be found at

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Daily Tropical Weather Outlook
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Hazards Assessment

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Daily Rainfall AccumulationDaily Rainfall Accumulation
Graphic depiction of the short-term observed and climatic trends of precipitation across the lower 48 United States (CONUS) and Puerto Rico.

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Winter WeatherSnowfall Probability Forecasts
HPC Winter Weather Forecasts Suite
Probabilistic Heavy Snow And Ice Discussion
Washington D.C. Area Winter Storm Briefing
Winter Storm Summaries
Recent Snowfall and Snowdepth Maps
Daily Snow Cover Analysis

Snowfall Reaching or Exceeding 4 inches

Day 1
Day 1 - 4 inches
Snowfall Reaching or Exceeding 8 inches

Day 1
Day 1 -  8 inches
Snowfall Reaching or Exceeding 12 inches

Day 1
Day 1 - 12 inches
Day 2
Day 2 - 4 inches
Day 2
Day 2 - 8 inches
Day 2
Day 2 - 12 inches
Day 3
Day 3 - 4 inches
Day 3
Day 3 - 8 inches
Day 3
Day 3 - 12 inches

Winter Weather Freezing Rain Probability Graphs- probability of freezing rain reaching or exceeding .25 inch

Day 1
Day 1 - Ice Accumulation of 0.25 inch
Day 2
Day 2 - Ice Accumulation of 0.25 inch
Day 3
Day 3 - Ice Accumulation of 0.25 inch

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Atlantic Graphical Tropical Weather Outlook Atlantic Tropical Weather Discussion
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Central Pacific Tropical Weather Outlook
Naval Research Lab - Tropical Cyclone Page
Joint Typhoon Warning Center
Probabilistic Hurricane Storm Surge

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Tsunami Bulletins
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Fire Weather Outlook - Day 1
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Fire Weather Outlook - Day 2

Winter Seasonal Links
Winter Weather6 to 10 Day Minimum Wind Chill Outlook
Available from October 1 - March 31
Windchill Chart
Minimum Wind Chill Outlook